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Sectors and Markets

Huxtec Ltd. has extensive knowledge in the following sectors and markets



Huxtec have significant experience in the automotive sector, leading technology development, integration and productionisation programmes on vehicles ranging from microcars to hypercars. Much of Huxtecs current activity is around battery electric and fuel cell vehicles.



Huxtec have operational experience in professional motorsport including Formula 1, Formula E and other series. More recently Huxtecs motorsport activities have focussed on eMotorsport, on and off road.

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Commercial vehicles

Huxtec have supported low-carbon technology projects across most classes of commercial vehicles, off-highway and last-mile delivery – including trucks, busses, construction equipment materials handing and autonomous pods.



Huxtec have experience in a number of low-carbon technology development programmes for the marine sector, and are actively involved in projects helping the sector deliver against the Clean Maritime Plan.



Huxtec have applied their automotive technology development to the rail sector, supporting programmes introducing the next generation of low-carbon rail transport.


Wind and Tidal Energy

Huxtec have extensive experience in the wind and tidal power generation sectors, having been involved in power generation projects ranging from 500kW to 7MW, across the EU and China.


Water treatment

Huxtec have managed businesses in the construction and mobile waste water treatment industry, leading the clean-up of our waterways.

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